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Agrintelligence Quiz

1.) How much does a typical Ontario County dairy cow weigh?

A) 1,400 lbs.
B) 700 lbs.
C) 2,000 lbs.
D) 1,000 lbs.

2.) How much milk (in gallons) does a typical dairy cow produce per day? Here's a clue:
It's enough to produce 2.6 pounds of butter or 6 pounds of cheese.

A)12__ B)7__ C)10__ D)5

6.) How many dairy cows are there in Ontario County? Hint: they produce over 300,000,000 pounds of milk each year.

A)10,000__ B)15,000__ C)20,000__ D)25,000

7.) What is New York's rank in terms of grape production?

A) New York is third, behind California and Washington State

B) New York is second behind California


8.) How many bushels of apples does New York produce each year to help earn its rand as the second leading apple producing state?

A) 40 million__ B) 30 million
C) 25 million__ D) 20 million

9.) Which of these items were invented or perfected
in Ontario County?

A) Cabbage harvester__ B) Traminette grapes and wine
C) Empire apple__ D) Northern Spy apple__E) Grape pies
F) All of the above

10.) In 1850 it took 75 to 90 hours of labor for a farmer to produce 100 bushels of corn. How many hours does it take today?

A)2__ B)10__ C)18__ D)25

11.) In 1960 one farmer produced enough to feed 26 people. How many people does a farmer feed today?

A)40__ B)70__ C)100__ D)130

3.) How many grape pies are produced in Naples, NY annually?

A) Less than 2,500
B) About 5,000
C )Around 7,500
D) More than 50,000

4.) In Japan, consumers spend 16% of their annual income on food; 24% in Mexico. What percent do Americans spend?

A)7%__ B)10%__ C)13%__ D)16%

5.) Alpacas come in how many
natural colors?

A)4__ B)7__ C)12__ D)16

This site brought to you by The Ontario County Agricultural Enhancement Board In cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County, the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, and Ontario County Department of Planning. Canandaigua, New York 14424
585-396-4455 or 585-394-3977.